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Student Absence Line: 01666 829759

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Most students who think that they may go to university register with UCAS as soon as they are able to – this is usually the last week in June. You can register and apply at any time after this.

  • Students will need the school buzzword to register. This year the buzzword is sonichedgehog
  • You will not have to pay anything to register nor will you need to complete the form if you change your mind.
  • The form is completed online. You have your own personal login code. The school will not have a copy of this and we cannot log on and edit your form. However we are able to view your form and monitor your progress in completing it.
  • You cannot send your completed form away until the beginning of September. Be aware that when you complete your form and send it away it actually comes through to the school so that we can write and attach your reference. This can take a week to complete. I can also check your completed for and send it back to you if there is a problem.
  • The UCAS deadline will be the 15th January. Any form that arrives after this date does not need to be considered by the university.
  • The UCAS deadline for Oxford, Cambridge, Medicine, Veterinary Science and Dentistry is 15th October. Remember to get your form in at least a week before this date so that we can check your form through.
  • Within a week of finally sending off your form you will receive a letter/email from UCAS confirming the receipt of your form and giving you a special ‘Track’ code. This allows you to log into UCAS Track and monitor the progress of your application. You will often see offers appear here before you receive information through any other means.
  • You may receive your first offer within a week after applying. You may have to wait months though – there is no need to be alarmed if you don’t receive offers immediately but your friends have.
  • Once you have decisions from all five of your university choices (offers or rejections) you will receive confirmation from UCAS and be given a date where by you must make your final decisions.
  • You will need to make one offer your ‘First’ choice and another one your ‘Insurance’ choice. The insurance choice is usually a lower grade offer than the first choice. If you think about it logically it will have to be that way.
  • It is really important that you research university and course choices fully before hand. Too many students tell me that they have only received offers from the universities that they don’t want to go to. This begs the question of ‘why did you apply to them in the first place?’
  • If you get no offers at all you will be eligible for UCAS Extra. UCAS Extra is available from March onwards and offers a student a ‘last gasp’ opportunity to apply for one extra course – from those available.
  • Student university places will change from conditional to unconditional from the moment that the universities receive you’re a level examination grades. In other words they tell you if you have got a place when the results come out in August.
  • Students who fail to get a place may go through ‘Clearing’. In the current climate this is very risky since there are so few places available through clearing. Essentially universities that have spare places will accept students on lower grade profiles if they think that the student is suitable for that course. Sometimes students who are desperate to go to university will accept clearing places in haste but regret jumping onto a course at a university that they haven’t researched properly.
  • UCAS Adjustment. If you do better than expected and get grades that are better than your first choice university offer you can register with ‘Adjustment’. This allows you a short period of time to ‘shop around’ for something better – a ‘better’ university or course. This is only available in late August.