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Applying to University

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Applying to University

Before you actually apply you need to have carried out your own research into universities, courses, locations and living costs. If you apply to a London university can you afford to live there?

The most likely places where you will find information are:

UCAS Website – includes the UCAS Course Search section. They have details of every course currently offered and typical grade or points offers

  • Advice and guidance services – includes the Connexions, your Teachers, Tutor and Head of Year.
  • Prospectuses
  • Universities – websites and visits.
  • Higher education fair and lectures.

Assuming that you’ve done your research, you’ve decided on your courses and universities then you must apply to UCAS. You do so by completing a UCAS form. This is an application form that is completed by you ‘online’.

For you to ensure that you put yourself into the most competitive position to secure the course(s) you want, you must meet certain deadlines.

  • July Year 12 – register yourself with UCAS. This is essential because it will allow you to generate your own unique password to access your application online at any time you want to work on it. I recommend that you register before the summer holiday.

As part of the registration process you will be asked for the school’s buzzword. This is sonichedgehog

  • October 15th (Year 13) – if you are applying to Oxbridge, Medical, Vet or Dental School then your application must reach UCAS before this date. It is not a negotiable deadline!!
  • 4th December (Year 13) – this is the final deadline for everyone else. It is set just ahead of the UCAS deadline giving your tutor enough time to process your application and write your reference. If you miss this deadline then I cannot guarantee that your application will be processed in time to meet the UCAS deadline.

To process your application UCAS make a charge of £23. Unless advised otherwise you will need to provide a credit/debit card payment for this amount. Firstly you must access the UCAS Online Application site which is part of the UCAS website.

It will take you through the following steps:

  • Registration – you must register with UCAS before you can start the application. It will cost you nothing. Make sure that you make a note of your Username and Password (I won’t have a copy of it).
  • About You – here you will enter your personal details. You must fill in any section with an asterisk*.
  • At this stage enter your fee code as 02. This will allow you to apply to the Student Finance England for funding. You will receive more information on this in Year 13.
  • Courses -It is in this section that you identify the courses and institutions you wish to study at. Check with up to date prospectuses as you fill this in. You can make up to 5 course choices on your UCAS form.
  • Education – a straight forward account of your academic achievements at secondary school. Unless you are told otherwise, enter your AS grades as grade letters (e.g. A) but your A2 qualifications would be entered as ‘pending’.
  • Employment – a straight forward account of your part time job(s). There is a possibility that they may be contacted for a reference but only in unusual circumstances.
  • Your personal statement – I cannot over stress how important this is. Making the right impact is so important.
  • Reference – your tutor will write a reference to support your application. He or she will use feedback from your subject teachers to help build this.

Once your reference has been completed and your application has been sent to UCAS you will receive a confirmation letter and a password that will allow you to track the progress of your application.

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