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UCAS Points

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UCAS Points

The universities usually make offers in the form of grades e.g. BBB or UCAS points. Importantly, for courses starting in September 2015, UCAS points are changing.

The new system is outlined in the table below, with the old points shown in brackets:

Qualifications have a size band based on Guided Learning Hours (1-4) and a grade band based on achievement and difficulty (3-14). The tariff score is calculated by multiplying 'size band' and 'grade band'.

A levels are in size band 4

AS levels are in size band 2

In the new tariff an AS level is worth 40% of an A-level.

Sometimes an AS level can be used in the points offer - but any AS level that you convert to an A level won't give you double points (you can't have points for the AS and the A2).