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Student Absence Line: 01666 829759

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Featured News

  • Antidote Spring Edition

    The staff of the student newspaper had been working hard to put together the edition they had hoped to publish in print before the school closed. They were so disappointed when it looked like it wouldn’t happen so we are publishing it digitally instead in order to share and showcase their hard work!

    Please click here to read the Spring Edition.

    March 27, 2020

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  • Message for those attending school from Monday 23rd March

    The school is closed as of Friday 20th March but open to key workers’ children, children with EHCPs and other vulnerable children. Students should attend in practical clothing – school uniform is not required. Wiltshire Transport are currently working on alternative arrangements for students who get the bus to school and will be in contact directly with parents. We will be working day by day with a flexible staffing model and therefore we will not be able to offer any guarantees of fixed structures or lessons in this period. It is our hope that each day we can provide some variation and different workshops but the underlying principle we are working from is that students will complete the same online based activities that their peers have been set on the website.

    March 20, 2020

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  • AT Logo

    Athelstan Trust Parent's Report

    Please click here to read our Mid-Year Report to Parents for March 2020 where we cover all the exciting new developments happening across the Athelstan Trust from the prospect of Sir William Romney joining the trust, to hearing a little bit from the new Heads, school reviews and suggested reading lists for KS3 and KS4.


    March 19, 2020

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