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This was not a full inspection and was part of a national series of monitoring visits to look at the achievement of a very specific group of students throughout the country and particularly in the South West. This is a recent national focus for Ofsted and the Department for Education.

I am delighted with the outcomes of the inspection which identify a large number of strengths in our provision which is repeatedly described as ‘highly effective’. I would encourage you to read the letter in full which is on both the Ofsted website and the school website.


Please click this link to read our full Ofsted report (2012):

On Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th May 2012 a team of 5 Ofsted Inspectors visited Malmesbury School. The inspection was a pilot of the new ‘short notice’ inspections and we were informed on Tuesday afternoon that they would be coming at 7.55am the next morning. Inspectors spent two days observing lessons and meeting students, staff and governors.

The inspection was carried out under the new inspection regulations that came into force in January 2012 and constitute a considerable ‘raising of the bar’ on previous frameworks.

Headteacher Tim Gilson says “I am delighted that in all the 5 judgements that the inspectors make Malmesbury School was rated‘Outstanding’. This makes it one of only a handful of secondary schools nationally to achieve this status under the new  inspection framework.”

The Inspectors reported that:

  • “This is an outstanding school.”
  • “One parental comment summarise what many others say; ‘This is a wonderful school. It nurtures, cares and educates the children’.”
  • “The sixth form is outstanding. Attainment is significantly above average and students make outstanding progress.”
  • “The behaviour of students is outstanding in lessons and around the school. They display highly positive attitudes to school, their learning and each other. They enjoy school, they want to be there and they want to learn.”
  • “The quality of teaching is remarkably high because of high expectations of leaders and teachers of themselves.”
  • “Teachers are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and innovative in their approaches, leading to lessons that motivate and actively engage students in their learning.”
  • “Relationships are excellent and high levels of respect are apparent between students and staff.”
  • “The governing body works in close alliance with leaders in an open and transparent manner. They have a positive impact on the school’s work and are robust in holding leaders to account. They provided excellent support during the transition to becoming an academy and have in-depth understanding of how to sustain improvements.”