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Student Absence Line: 01666 829759

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Community Lectures

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Community Lectures

April 2017

Presentation by PC Cindy Hargreave on the roles of modern police dogs, such as tracking criminals and search detection dogs, their roles in helping to prevent and detect crime, find lost or missing people and protecting property and much more.

October 2016

Presentation by well-known author and TV presenter Prof Adam Hart.  Insects and animals use all sorts of chemicals to communicate all sorts of things.  Professor Hart introduced some of these smells and what they mean – teaching you how to “talk” like the animals!

October 2015

Presentation by Tim Harrison, first School Teacher Fellow at Bristol ChemLabS and the Science Communicator in Residence and Director of Outreach, on “A Pollutant’s Tale' – A Lecture-Demonstration”

July 2015

Presentation by Professor Matthew Wills, Professor of Evolutionary Palaeobiology at the University of Bath on “What is the Evidence for Evolution?”

May 2014

Presentation by Dr Alex Narduzzo, Teaching Fellow at the University of Bath on “When objects levitate and water self-propels, science entertains more than fiction”

October 2013

Presentation by Angus Macpherson, Swindon’s Police & Crime Commissioner on “his first year as Wiltshire and Swindon’s Police & Crime Commissioner”

May 2013

Presentation by Dr Martin Fullekrug, Lecturer at the University of Bath on “Lightning into Space”

February 2013

Presentation by Mrs Sarah Troughton, The Lord-Lieutenant of Wiltshire, on "The Role of a new Lord Lieutenant”

January 2013

Presentation by Dr Philippe Blondel, Senior Lecturer at University of Bath on "Exploring the Seven Seas: Tsunamis, Whales and Icebergs"

October 2012

Presentation by Hugh Pym, journalist for the BBC on “The UK Economy – Challenges and Opportunities"

May 2012

Presentation by Dr Anastasia Filippidou, Department of Management and Security, Cranfield University on “Defining and Dealing with Terrorism in the 21st Century”

March 2012

Presentation by Paul Mason Head of Development, Technology Strategy Board on “Business led innovation in a time of economic slowdown”

February 2012

Presentation by Professor Chris Budd, Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Bath and Professor of Mathematics at the Royal Institution of Great Britain on “Maths and the Making of the Modern World”

October 2011

Presentation by Professor Sarah Foot, Regius Professor of Ecclesiastical History at Christ Church College Oxford on “The Life of King Athlestan”

July 2011

Presentation by Dr Angie Hobbs, a British philosopher and a Lecturer at the University of Warwick “The Ethics of Money”

March 2011

Presentation by the Rt Rev Dr Lee S Rayfield, the Bishop of Swindon on Porridge, Entropy and the Mystery of the Universe.