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Student Absence Line: 01666 829759

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JDB Press Release

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The James Dyson Foundation introduces £36,000 university scholarship for local Malmesbury School students.

To support local aspiring engineers and scientists, The James Dyson Foundation is providing a new university scholarship for students of Malmesbury School.  It will be available to A-level students applying to study science, technology, engineering, product design or maths at university in 2013.

The scholarship will pay for tuition fees for the full duration their course up to four years, and expands upon The James Dyson Foundation’s existing bursary scheme running at Malmesbury School for Sixth form design and technology students.

Tim Gilson, Malmesbury School head teacher said, “The James Dyson Foundation scholarship will further raise the profile of science, design, engineering and maths within the school. As a specialist maths and science school we understand the importance of these subjects as foundations for challenging careers in science and engineering. The partnership we have with the James Dyson Foundation is invaluable for the students and the school, we hope it will continue.”

The James Dyson Foundation and Malmesbury School

In addition to the new scholarship, each year the James Dyson Foundation supports six Malmesbury School Design and Technology students in the sixth form. The bursary includes mentoring from Dyson engineers and financial support for the young design engineers’ projects. This was introduced following the closure of the EMA (education maintenance allowance) to support sixth form students throughout their study. 

The James Dyson Foundation also recently donated state of the art D&T equipment including a 3D printer and laser cutter to the school. This allows students to experience professional design engineering methods in the classroom.

The James Dyson Foundation in Malmesbury

The James Dyson Foundation supports local causes including the Malmesbury Carnival and, most recently, the Malmesbury flood appeal to which the James Dyson Foundation donated £5,000 and provided those whose house was flooded with a new Dyson vacuum cleaner.

The Bursary

  • The scholarship is being announced in the school on Monday 21st January
  • The James Dyson Foundation is launching the bursary to cover the cost of tuition fees for Malmesbury School students at university.
  • Eligible students must be studying STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, design engineering or mathematics). A full list of the included courses is available on the application form for the scholarship. Applications for the scholarship will then be open from this date until the end of February 2013.
  • In conjunction with the school, the James Dyson Foundation will award the scholarship in mid-March.
  • The scholarship will cover the full 3-4 years of the successful applicant’s course contingent upon the attainment of a 2:1 or equivalent grade each year.

Rising cost of university

  • Young people that go to university today could leave with up to £60,000 of debt.  This has caused many to rethink the decision to go into higher education and the rise in tuition fees has led to drops in university applications.  This is particularly true for subjects like engineering, where four year courses often increase the amount of debt accumulated and there is a danger the best and brightest are put off going.

The James Dyson Foundation

  • The James Dyson Foundation was set up in 2002 to support engineering education projects, medical research charities and charity projects in the Malmesbury area.  Since then it has donated over £13 million to these causes. Most recently the James Dyson Foundation has lent financial support to the Malmesbury Carnival and the flood relief fund.