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Student Absence Line: 01666 829759

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Dear Parents

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete our biannual Kirkland Rowell Survey. 399 questionnaires were returned. 203 parents also included specific additional comments.  As always it provides us with plenty of food for thought and contributes to our School Improvement Planning.  The full surveys are available on the school website.

Some of the main points are as follows:   

  • Parents gave an excellent overall performance score for the school.
  • There were no significant differences in the satisfaction scores since the last survey.
  • It is good to see that the areas that have been identified as areas of concern by parents in the past, show real improvement, notably regular marking and feedback and careers advice.
  • There is a general trend in both the parent and student surveys that shows that students in Year 10 and their parents are least positive about school life across a number of areas.
  • In the parental comments most were very positive, with the main concerns being about homework (equally too much and not enough), food in the canteen, communication, behaviour and 7 who would like the school to have an astro-turf pitch.
  • In both parent and student surveys there are a few subject specific issues that departments will pick up in their Improvement Plans.
  • Parents’ top priorities for improvement are Developing Potential, School Communication and Control of Bullying.  
  • Students gave the school a very good overall rating.
  • There was a small decline in the overall satisfaction scores from the students; with Year10 producing the lowest overall satisfaction rating.
  • The students top priorities for improvement are levels of homework (too much!), teaching quality and happiness of child.
  • The staff survey showed they are very positive about the school; they gave it an excellent overall rating again.

I am aware that the current Year 10 have had a particularly challenging time in that they are the first year group to have to sit the new tougher GCSEs particularly in Maths and English and to be able to study one less GCSE.  We will be making sure that they get an appropriate balance of examination support and rewards for all the hard work they have put in; starting with the Thorpe Park Trip in July.  We are buying into a revision system called GCSE pod which we will launch soon.

We are working with G4S to improve the quality of the food in the canteen.  The work on bullying and behaviour in the school is on-going; we have recently been working with Stonewall on LGBT issues.  We have looked into astro-turf in the past but not only can we not find a way to fund it, we are unlikely to get planning permission for the site.

Our School Improvement priorities for 2016-2017 are:

  1. Ensure that our Curriculum provides the breadth and challenge to enable all our students to succeed.
  2. Improve the progress made by disadvantaged students and close the gap between the performance of Pupil Premium students and others.
  3. Continue to improve access to high quality CPD for both teaching and support staff through the Avon Teaching School Alliance, The Athelstan Multi-Academy Trust and other partnerships.
  4. Improve behaviour management strategies and systems including in our Alternative Provision.
  5. Strengthen Governance and support governors in providing challenge and support to the School Leadership Team.

Thank you again for taking the time to support us in reflecting on our performance and helping us continue to improve Malmesbury School.

Yours sincerely 

Tim Gilson