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Exam Preparation Evening Resources

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Many thanks to those of you who were able to make the Y11 Exam Preparation Evening at Malmesbury School on 22nd November 2018. We hope that you have been able to take some useful hints and tips away with you.

As promised, and for parents and students who were unable to attend the evening, please find below the main presentation and the resources from each workshop. The Y11 Revision Booklet was handed out on the evening and any students who were not able to attend the evening should have received a copy in school from their tutor. Unfortunately, as this booklet contains passwords for some of the subject specific sites we are not be able to put this on the website.

The presentation has been updated with some specific advise on how to access appropriate exam websites. You will also find below a single document with hyperlinks to the exam specifications for all exams that Y11 students could sit in summer 2019.  

If you have any questions then please contact the most appropriate member of staff as outlined on the penultimate slide of the main presentation.

Main Presentation


Parent Quick Start Guide to GCSE Pod

Links to Y11 Exam Specifications


Workshop 1 – Strategies for Effective Revision:

Revision Strategies 

Flashcards Information

Memory Tricks Information

Mind Map Information

Summarising Information

Workshop 2 – Planning Effective Revision

Planning Effective Revision and Coping with Exam Stress

Workshop 3 – Using Technology to Revise

Using Technology

Subject Specific Revision Websites