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Year 11 Revision Evening 2020

Virtual Events » Year 11 Revision Evening 2020

Normally, in November of each year, we run the Year 11 Revision Evening.  This is an opportunity to share some guidance about how to prepare for exams as we approach the Year 11 mock exam period and look ahead to the summer exams.

This year, due to COVID, this cannot take place in its usual format. In place of this, we have updated this webpage with guidance from different subject areas to support the students in their planning for revision.

I hope you find the resources below useful in supporting your children in preparing for their exams.

This video outlines the aim of this webpage and provides some general advice.



Access Arrangements

If you are entitled to extra time, this powerpoint provides some guidance about how to best use it.

Using Extra Time

Year 11 Revision Support 2020

January mock exams timetable



Year 11 Maths revision 

Year 11 Maths revision video

Revision overview guide



Year 11 Revision evening introduction

How to revise for English GCSE

Revision Strategies



How to revise for your science exam

Revision guidance sheet



Revision techniques for GCSE Religious Studies 

Mind Map

Key quotes

Exam question structure 

Practice questions 

Quick knowledge questions 



GCSE Fine Art revision 



AQA GCSE PE Revision resources sheet


Cambridge Nationals Sport Science 

Revision guide



Year 11 Music Revision



GCSE History revision



GCSE Geography revision


Design and Technology

Revision summary sheet



Drama revision presentation