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Student Absence Line: 01666 829759

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Extended Project Qualification

Sixth Form » The Happy, Caring and Excellent Programme » The Excellence Programme » Extended Project Qualification

The EPQ is an exciting A Level standard qualification that allows 6th Formers to really gain an understanding of how to research, plan, problem solve and evaluate. Therefore it is an exceptionally valuable step towards starting university and many universities value the EPQ very highly (and do sometimes reduce a university offer if the student achieves an A grade in the EPQ!). It is worth half an A level in terms of UCAS points, making it more valuable than an AS.

Students chose an area of interest (it can be anything!) and then complete a research journey working towards a final project and presentation. At all stages students must provide evidence for the research and development of the project.

We allocate an hour and half lesson per week with a dedicated teacher to all EPQ students and also work closely with Southampton University who deliver sessions for our students on the EPQ process and research methods.

Other information to note:

  • The EPQ is an  A Level (not AS ) standard qualification- marked at an A Level standard
  • It is worth half an A level in UCAS points (more than an AS)
  • It is a research qualification not an exercise in creativity. There has to be clear research journey and the working title will probably (and should probably) change and develop.
  • Students produce a project that is a clear extension to their A level studies – not included in the taught specifications.
  • Assessed on:
    • 5,000 word essay or artefact (including 1,000 word commentary)
    • Production Log (written in student’s voice with detailed supervisor comments.
  • Student is guided by a supervisor who can give general advice and guidance.