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Student Absence Line: 01666 829759

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Student Profiles

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Grace H – Head Girl

Plan: to study Politics at University

Having studied in Malmesbury since Year 7, it was an easy choice for me to continue to the sixth form. It has always had an outstanding reputation as an academic sixth form so perfectly suited my AS Level choices of Government and Politics, English Language, English Literature and Geography. As Head Girl, I feel that this environment has allowed me to develop my transferable skills that are essential to my current application to university. This position has also developed my independence and responsibility which improved my organisation in my AS studies. The small teaching groups and easy access to a range of excellent staff allowed me to reach my full potential throughout the first year which was complimented by the range of help available to us outside of school hours. In the first year, I also took part in the sixth form’s wide-ranging advocacy programme in which I ran a creative writing club, helped in Geography classes and participated in the school’s Global Action Group. Within the first year, we also had the ability to participate in work shadowing in which I gained experience at our local MP’s office in Westminster which was incredibly interesting considering my choice of degree. This excellent opportunity shows how Malmesbury Sixth Form nurtures and encourages its students to take up every opportunity possible that will help them in later life. As I start my second year, I am still very happy with my choice of sixth form and would strongly recommend this close-knit environment to any prospective A-level students.


Hannah B.

A levels: A*A*A*

Plans: to study medicine at the University of Manchester.

I had been studying at Malmesbury from year seven and the movement into the sixth form seemed logical. On paper, the sixth form had a good reputation in achieving great exam results year on year. Furthermore, when speaking to friends in the years above I realised that the atmosphere of the sixth form was one that I wanted to work in. There is a very positive environment at Malmesbury and I knew I would always feel comfortable seeking support from my teachers with regards to classwork and other members of staff for help with my university application as strong student-teacher relationships are established.

Applying to study medicine is a longer and more complex process with interviews and entrance exams included. I knew people who had gone on to study medicine after having studied at Malmesbury so I knew the school would have experience in the application process. Throughout my time at the sixth form I was given support in my university application – from fine tuning my personal statement to being given three separate mock interviews. I always felt like I was progressing at Malmesbury and the school have given me the confidence and skills to pursue medicine.


Helen B.

Malmesbury Sixth Form is honestly brilliant. I have wanted to be a part of it throughout my entire lower school education due to its amazing teaching staff and caring atmosphere. That’s why I am now studying Drama, English Literature and Religious Studies here. Drama has always been a passion of mine and thanks to Malmesbury’s incredible Drama department I have been lucky enough to have a play that I have written performed by the sixth form to raise money for charity.  Through Religious Studies I have the chance the debate topical issues and understand alternative opinions in a relaxed and accepting space. That is one of the things I love most about Malmesbury sixth form, no one will judge you for being yourself and doing what you believe to be right. This environment has given me the confidence to apply to university where I plan to study Hospitality to help provide the caring service to others that Malmesbury has provided me for the past 6 years.


Sydney B.

Plans: to study French and German at Leeds or Manchester University.

I am currently retaking my A levels at Malmesbury Sixth Form. After disappointing AS results from my first year in New College, Swindon I decided I wanted to retake my first year at a school based sixth form. I, personally, needed an environment with more structure. My choices in my area were reduced as very few sixth forms offer German as an A level. Malmesbury had a good reputation and within a few days of contacting them, I was offered an interview. Malmesbury has been understanding of my situation since the beginning and has offered the support that was not available to me at college.

Life at Malmesbury this past year has provided the organisation and discipline I needed. Teachers are keen to work with you to achieve your goals, and bring enthusiasm to each lesson. The communication system between parent, pupil and teacher is brilliant and keeps my parents informed on my progress but allows me the freedom to raise concerns with my teachers independently. I hope to achieve AAB this year and it seems much more likely since joining Malmesbury Sixth Form.


Alice N.

Year 12, Malmesbury School

Plans: to study English Literature at University

Staying on at Malmesbury to study my A-Levels was never in any doubt for me. The fact that I already knew many of my teachers, as well as the layout of the school, made the academic leap seem far less daunting. Furthermore, the small size of the Sixth Form fosters a cosy and friendly atmosphere, with class sizes small enough for teachers to really focus on each student’s individual needs. I prefer this to the anonymity of a large college, where it is easy to isolate yourself. I did not realise how much I would enjoy the step up from Year 11; Malmesbury trusts Sixth Formers to choose how to use their free periods, facilitating a mixture of down-time and study-time that ensures students never need to feel overwhelmed. I have never thought that attending Malmesbury will hold me back in the future; quite the contrary, I think attending an academically excellent Sixth Form that does not place excessive amounts of pressure on its students has benefited me. It has allowed me to achieve without feeling overwhelmed or pressurised. 


Archie B.

Plans: to study Dance at the University of Surrey

Joining Malmesbury sixth form was always a definite for me. Since Year 7, I have always admired the Sixth Form at Malmesbury School through involvement with the lower years for example helping and performing in the ‘Dance Showcase’ along with taking a lead role in the annual I-Lead days. Even though I am studying in the same building as the lower school I still feel distanced from distanced from them enough to feel like I’m at a college yet there are still opportunities to connect with them. For example I have kept close links with the lower school through the advocacy programme, after-school clubs and leading groups.

Even though I did not take Drama at GCSE the drama department have provided me with the additional support I needed to speed me up to the others in the class. This was something I was very wary about when choosing an A-Level I hadn’t previously taken at GCSE. However I feel much more confident now and at the same ability and the others in the group through the teacher’s commitment and the resources of both Drama studios.

From achieving an A* in Dance at GCSE I knew that the dance department, but more importantly the creative arts faculty, had the expertise that I needed to further my abilities within Dance and succeed throughout A-Levels. Specialising in the creative arts, Malmesbury Sixth Form’s Dance and Drama department are closely linked which made each subject further push the other.

I hope to achieve AAB in my A-Levels which is currently looking very promising due to my subject teachers who want me to be successful just as much as myself.